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A needed voice

Sexual assault and mental health are just two of the issues student’s face that are not going away overnight. They require vast amounts of energy, time, and effort. As we continue to push for solutions, we need to include as many perspectives as possible; the inclusion of a strong, female perspective will be critical.

ResEd allows applications for multiple positions

For the first time ever, students applying for 2013-2014 Residential Education (ResEd) house staff positions will be able to simultaneously submit applications across a broader range of positions, according to Associate Dean of ResEd Jennifer Calvert. Previously, potential staffers had to choose between one of four application tracks: Peer Health Educator (PHE), Resident Computer Consultant (RCC), Resident Tutor (RT), Resident Assistant (RA) or the House Manager or Theme House staff track. Students were only able to cross-apply within the final track. For 2013-14, applicants can apply to any combination of jobs excluding Tutor positions.