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Tapping into the Chappie

Stepping into the Chappie offices isn’t unlike setting foot into your older brother’s room. A really weird, cool older brother. In the small, square room where the Chappie regulars and their guests congregate once a week (that’s 8:30 p.m., Wednesdays, Nitery 2nd floor), a pair of battered sofa chairs face a ring of mismatched sectionals. Candy-colored vintage Chappie issues line the wall; they could easily pass for your brother’s retro comic collection. In the corner, next to a bird cage (no explanation available), is a bookcase of Chappie-themed memorabilia: a few cans that once held “Chappi” brand dog food, a framed photograph of Die Antwoord’s badass emcee Yolandi Visser showing off a “Chappie” tattoo on her forearm, another framed photograph of the crew crashing Kirsten Dunst’s birthday. Yes, they did that.