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Robber Barons light up stage with spring show

Sometimes the best way to look at the world around us is by laughing at it. In “SketchX: Robber Barons,” the student sketch comedy group’s spring show does just that. In a collection of skits that last about an hour, the Robber Barons manage to make fun of aspects of campus from pre-major advisors, to frats, to totem poles, to themselves. By setting their show in the Geology Corner, right in a classroom, the feel of college and the campus they are making fun of becomes even more apparent.

Fisher: Spring Quarter Blues

It might sound crazy, but maybe Stanford, at least after freshman year, is a little too hard, a little too much work. Because if I, the kid who chose to drive 300 miles a day to watch baseball, can’t find the time to go to baseball games that are a three-minute bike ride away, there’s something wrong.

Obsessive Kompulsion: Pop Goes the Weasel

Sometime within the past week, I got derailed. On Sunday evening, I felt an overwhelming desire to crumple into my roommate’s futon and devolve into a hot mess of tears. In the time since then, I’ve had an overwhelming sense of sadness — not overwhelming in that I don’t feel happy, but in the sense that even when I have high highs, like seeing Mae Jemison, being accepted into Sophomore College and finalizing housing preferences for next year with my wonderful “drawmies,” I return to this low state of emptiness and confusion.

Obsessive Kompulsion: Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

Yesterday was Thursday (Thursday); today, it is Friday (Friday); me, me, me so excited — me so excited, me gonna have a ball today. Please forgive me, but when else am I going to be able to use such horrible syntax and get away with alluding to Rebecca Black in a respectable publication? And besides, there are so many things to be excited about