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Stanford in New York now operates on year-round basis

Stanford in New York’s (SiNY) first-ever spring quarter offering, held earlier this year, marked the final step in the piloting process of the program — a quarter-long opportunity for Stanford students to live, work and take classes in New York City. Due to the success of the three-year pilot, Stanford will now move forward with the program on a year-round basis.

How I know I’m a senior

The end of spring quarter is creeping up on all of us, even if it still seems far away (*cough* finals *cough*). As a senior, though, I’m especially aware that my time is limited. This has led to a lot of reflection on my time at Stanford. I’ve noticed that senior year has a very distinct…

The dangers of doing too much

Somehow, before I knew it, I was enrolled in 19 units this quarter and starting a new job. I told myself I’d drop something or reduce my hours, but the drop deadline passed, and we’re now very solidly mid-quarter, and nothing has changed. As my fall quarter dreams of a light spring quarter flew out…