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Campus Worker Profile: Week five

The Campus Workers’ Rights Coalition and members of CSRE35SI: An Introduction to Labor Organizing have put together a series of profiles drawn from both archival and current interviews with workers on-campus to highlight both the struggles that workers at Stanford face and the resilience that they bring to the work they do. Campus workers often have to deal with chronic understaffing and difficult menial labor. Alongside this, Stanford does not pay its workers a living wage despite the rising costs of food, health, and housing in the Bay, and workers must often cover many of their own health costs because of a lack of insurance benefits while managing hours-long commutes due to a dearth of affordable housing.

Misusing Mizzou: Beyond solidarity

The latest chapter of racial violence in America unfolded in the same way as always. In the span of two months, the nation watched as a Black student was assaulted by a police officer in South Carolina, and as prosecutors argued that the murder of Tamir Rice, a black child, was justified. We watched as systems of Black subjugation and murder replicated themselves in a pattern we have seen over and over again.

To stand in solidarity

We are here, hopefully, not just for the name of the university that will appear on our degrees, but to gain a more humanistic education, one that allows us to cultivate our trade crafts while becoming better and more fully rounded individuals. Recognizing that we’re not the only ones in existence is part of that.