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Retraction notice

The Daily has chosen to retract this article because the information it detailed was off-the-record and part of a private small discussion. The Daily did not indicate that it would be recording or reporting at the event and did not ask sources for quotes on-the-record. We regret this error.

Closing remarks

As I go forward into the world outside of this little bubble, I want to leave everyone with a few words of advice, a few last opinions before I leave campus and this column for good.

Humans and our institutions

I usually make a clear distinction between an institution itself and the people who make up that institution, because I always feel uncomfortable when people criticize institutions based on what its members do. This might sound weird; after all, an institution is its people, is it not? Well, not necessarily. The personal example for me,…

U.S.-Mexico Forum grapples with migration, energy, social change

This past weekend saw the conclusion of the third Annual Fall Summit of the U.S.-Mexico Forum for Cooperation, Understanding and Solidarity (FoCUS) at Stanford, thereby drawing an end to the year’s program. The program, jointly developed by the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) and Stanford, convenes student delegates and policy makers semi-annually in each of the two countries.