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Taylor: The ups and downs of being a foreign sports fans

There are a few downsides to being a foreign student in the U.S., from the steep learning curve of a new academic system—what’s a GPA? I have to do homework? And midterms?—to the fact that even now, I occasionally get confused looks when using particularly British words or phrases. Oh, and that on more than one occasion, someone has—in all seriousness—asked me who the Queen is. When it comes to sport, though, it’s all good.

Taylor: Sexual orientation gossip and sports journalism don’t mix

In the aftermath of the World Cup, one controversial news story in particular caught my eye. Michael Becker, the agent of Michael Ballack (the German captain, who was notably absent from the tournament after breaking his leg in a warm-up game), allegedly gave an interview to the magazine Der Spiegel in which he claimed several members of the German World Cup squad were gay. Now the question I have to ask is: Is this really newsworthy?…