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Breaking up with my phone

My first day back home for spring break, my phone decided to surprise me. For unknown reasons, it would not turn on and remained stuck, flashing the words “Samsung Galaxy Note 4” and not loading the home screen. As an extremely anxious person, I had to solve this problem immediately, knowing that I would be meeting my…

Etchemendy outlines behavioral guidelines for housed Greek organizations

In a letter to the Presidents of the Inter-Fraternity Council and Inter-Sorority Council, Provost John Etchemendy outlined a new policy regulating housed fraternal organizations on campus, stating that an organization will lose its eligibility for on-campus housing if there is one major violation or three minor violations of University policy or law during any one school year.

I Am Narcissus, and You Can Be Too

I had a professor freshman year who believed that, in the not-so-distant future, students and literary scholars alike will study tweets in the same manner that we today carefully analyze poetry or paintings. As I pictured high school students trying to scan the meter and explicate meaning in one of Justin Bieber’s heartwarming, soul-penetrating pearls…

The False Promise of Entrepreneurship

On Monday, The Daily published an opinion column about entrepreneurship that I felt captured much of what’s wrong about the way that Stanford and many of its students are currently thinking about undergraduate education. I reacted swiftly and angrily on Facebook, so I want to take some time here to discuss more extensively how Stanford’s…