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Black Student Union’s new creative space showcases black identity at Stanford

The Underground, the Black Student Union’s new digital creative space, launched into action in the summer of 2016. The creator of The Underground, Aaron Barron ’18, described the site as a showcase of black identity at Stanford and as “an ongoing project to highlight student achievement, struggle and just reality.”

The Underground website features a variety of creative works, including written pieces, collections of photographs and many other forms of art. Each piece of work is centered around the theme of the black experience at Stanford, and each student’s own personal journey and experiences.

Bolero Silicon Valley and lessons on collaborative leadership

An intriguing email popped up on my laptop last January from Stanford Live regarding a casting call for community “civilian” performers for Bolero Silicon Valley.  To celebrate Stanford’s 125th anniversary, Stanford Live had commissioned NY-based Keigwin+Company to create a group dance performance to Bolero, the epic orchestral piece by Maurice Ravel.  Succumbing to curiosity, I…

Too much noise in Silicon Valley

Startups are often thought of as a risky business. We imagine founders to be fierce visionaries who can see a better future and are willing to bet on their personal success to realize it. They tread the thin line between genius and delusion and their ventures are constantly on the verge of utter failure right up to the moment they cross an invisible threshold and achieve the fabled “hockey stick” growth – the supposed mark of a scalable technology business.

Alum talks acting at Stanford, guest role on HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

Although better known for generating the self-righteous technocrats HBO’s “Silicon Valley” tends to satirize than the actors who play them, Stanford is not without its fair share of students who are passionate about the arts. On such student, Stanford alum Joshua Chang ’09, uses his experience in the heart of tech industry to better mock the new-age…