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In pursuit of a new normal

Four people were killed and 14 injured in a random shooting in Hesston, Kansas last Thursday. It’s okay if you didn’t know or if you didn’t do more than read the notification on your phone, think to yourself “what a shame,” and then move on. It’s what most of us probably did, myself included.  What…

‘Cops and Robbers’

If Cops and Robbers playwright and star Jinho “the Piper” Ferreira sought to effectively produce a politically charged social commentary aimed to transform an audience and start conversations, then he should not have presented a two-dimensional, controlling image of Black women as uncommented-upon victims at the hands of men. The treatment of Black female bodies is a topic that he presents, but never offered full commentary on, in the play and during the Q&A. This is yet another example of the permeation of sexist ideas in the American psyche.