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What’s your greatest weakness?

For all I talk about living intentionally in my columns, I do a terrible job of it. Whether it’s getting involved in too many things every quarter or indecision over small dilemmas, my “yes-man” psyche, one of my greatest strengths, can often be the very thing that overwhelms and fails me time and time again.…

The importance of not mattering

Greetings from Santiago! I will be writing weekly from abroad this quarter, hopefully bringing some neat stories to light and giving you a peek into my experiences away from Stanford as I go. I can promise to provide an unfiltered stream of consciousness; however, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with thoughts/comments/suggestions. When…

“Gloria”: A Reflection on Middle-Aged Love

In the opening scene of “Gloria,” by Chilean writer-director Sebastián Lelio, the film’s eponymous star is alone at a nightclub. Gloria (Paulina García) makes eye contact with a few romantic prospects— middle-aged men from Santiago, Chile— but, mostly, she navigates independently, hovering on the dance floor’s peripheries. Everything about Gloria is familiar— her guts and vulnerability, her passions and instincts for self-preservation. She is a refreshing reminder that young people do not have a monopoly on the aches and ecstasies of falling in love.

A history of Stanford abroad

The first round of applications to Stanford’s Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) Spring 2013 programs will close next Sunday, Oct. 14. BOSP currently has 11 locations – Australia, Beijing, Berlin, Cape Town, Florence, Kyoto, Madrid, Moscow, Oxford, Paris and Santiago. The Daily took a look at the long-term study abroad program’s evolution.

Protesting 101

Santiago on your average day is one of the most orderly cities in South America. Drivers follow the road signs, pedestrians have the right of way and crime rates are the lowest in the region. The late June day I arrived in my downtown apartment was not to be an average day. The once orderly downtown area was chaos in amid the ongoing student protests that had consumed Chile’s public education system for over a month.