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‘Silence! The Musical’ brings raucous fun to San Francisco

These days, it’s all about turning things into musicals – history (“Hamilton”), graphic novels (“Fun Home”) and even thrillers (“Silence! The Musical” – now playing at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco). “Silence!” in particular spoon-feeds the audience two hours of unabashedly blunt “Silence of the Lambs” references and self-referential humor bordering on the crude,…

An equation to urban life? Altman Siegel presents Chris Johanson

Turning human behaviors into equations has been an endless pursuit for neuroscientists, psychologists, advertisers and many others. Chris Johanson presents a hypnotic rendition of these patterns of human activity in his solo exhibition titled “Equations” at the Altman Siegel gallery, an independent art gallery on Geary Street in San Francisco (Nov. 25 to Jan. 15). A…

Saving the city from ourselves

San Francisco’s municipal election last week was a victory for developers and the gentrification they facilitate. As a good liberal, I oppose gentrification’s dislocation of low-income residents, who are disproportionately people of color. As a Stanford student who loves the Bay Area, I will hopefully use my degree to get a good job and will then want to live in a hip neighborhood that once belonged to deeper-rooted residents. In other words, I will be a gentrifier. Can gentrifiers earnestly oppose gentrification?