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Hate isn’t debate

I was surprised to find, in the pages of a respected and influential publication at my very own place of work, the notion that my queer family is a “caricature” of a family. This is not argument, but aggression, for which ignorance isn’t much of an excuse.

Marriage does not unite us

Marriage in the United States is not, as it is romanticized, a way to celebrate love, but a way to dole out financial and social benefits. These benefits, however, are often inaccessible to low income people, a category queers and people of color disproportionately fall under.

United for marriage equality

Today we hope to talk about an issue of utmost importance for our generation—an issue that can, and should, unite us rather than divide us along political lines. That issue is same-sex marriage, and specifically the court case that could make marriage equality the law of the land at last.

Censors at Stanford

It is even more disturbing—and ominous for the future of our democracy—that Stanford’s student leaders all seem to agree that suppression and coercion, rather than dialogue and debate, is the appropriate response to dissenting ideas. Those few campus organizations they want to suppress are small and politically powerless, so the anti-free speech activists have no problem overpowering them with their superior political muscle.