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How Finley fixed funding

Leadership like the kind Finley showed on funding reform is exactly what we need from our Execs. Lofty ambition is great, but Finley’s track record of creating real solutions in the ASSU is far more meaningful. In order to keep our student government down to earth and focused on issues that really matter, I hope you will join me in voting Finley/Hill for Exec.

Editorial Board: Reform should not be rushed

While we appreciate the commitment to reform and support the proposed amendment, we question the decision to set the special election for Dec. 4 and Dec. 5 because it leaves unsatisfactory time for meaningful debate about the bill. Furthermore, holding the election during Dead Week — as students are focusing on exams and finishing the quarter — may limit voter turnout and thereby threaten the bill’s chance of passing.

Four minority issues more important than ASSU elections

SAFE Reform did not earn the two-thirds share of the vote needed for a constitutional amendment. However, despite a huge effort by the Students of Color Coalition, more students voted in favor of SAFE Reform than voted against. As a student of color myself, I was sad to see the campus unnecessarily divided along racial and ethnic lines. SAFE Reform is undoubtedly something that should be discussed on campus. But there are more important issues facing our state and nation that students of color should be channeling their energy into solving.

ASSU Elections: A case study

The greatest obstacles our nation faces today are its uninformed electorate and its tendency to allow others to do our research and thinking for us. After witnessing the ASSU Elections last week, I realized campus politics were the perfect case study for these same problems. If we truly want to see change in our country, we need to care enough to do our own research, verify the facts with multiple sources and vote intelligently.