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California Supreme Court report card

It’s not good. In its decision in Howell v. Hamilton Meats (2011), the Court says if you’re injured in an accident, the insurance industry can harvest the economic protection you paid for when you purchased a health care plan. How large is the harvest, you ask? The answer is shocking. According to the law firm…

Tor no more? Supreme Court approves new exception to warrant rule

Although the Supreme Court gets the most coverage when it decides big cases with far-reaching effects, it also engages in many under-the-radar judicial activities that – though mostly ministerial – can sometimes substantially alter individual rights and the legal landscape. Last week, the Court engaged in one of these activities: amending the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. While the Court did approve some pretty arcane changes, it also approved an amendment that has the potential to radically increase the government’s ability to engage in searches of electronic devices and documents.