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Uninformed and uninvolved: ResX and the dystopian future of undergraduate housing

Monied clusters of Greek organizations, geographically segregated ethnic houses, and nepotistic, thematically-lifeless Row houses plague Stanford’s housing system, bemoan University administrators. Stanford has consequently adopted the belief that a vast overhaul of campus housing is the cure-all for these ills: the University’s ResX Task Force — a branch of Residential Education (ResEd), has recently been discussing what they call “the ideal neighborhood concept.” Substantive details on this proposed housing restructure are scarce. Nonetheless, we believe it would be useful to infer what the consequences of such systematic changes might be.

Editorial: ResEd Should Allow Row Houses to Refund Social Dues

Suppose you were at the ATM, intending to withdraw cash to go grocery shopping. You have a shopping list and a general idea of how much each item will cost. You intend to withdraw enough money to ensure that you can buy all the groceries on the list, and you’ll just deposit any excess funds back in your account later. Now a particularly clever friend happens to pass by and makes the following suggestion: “withdraw money under the restriction that you cannot redeposit any unused funds; instead, you’ll lose any unspent cash. This way, you’ll buy a lot of food!” How should you respond?