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Rooming with an athlete: 7 a.m. lifts, early bedtimes and everything in between

We’ve all seen them around campus toting their trademark red backpacks, sporting some combination of tights/joggers/sweatband/trainers and carrying some serious muscles. But there’s a group of students who really get up close and personal with student-athletes — their roommates. I had heard the horror stories of having an athlete for a roommate: they wake up ridiculously…

From tragedy, growth

Once upon a freshman year there was a pair of roommates. Opposites if you want to be so cliché– one black, one white, one open, one closed, one dedicated, one lost, one weary, one enthusiastic, both naïve. Their differences are irrelevant; this is a story about their similarities, and their strange and unexpected mutual growth in the wake of the Mizzou tragedy.

I Have Two Heads: Drawing The Line

Despite my slight panic at being a senior next year, entering the Draw this spring made me bask in a newfound sense of complacency over having found my rhythm at Stanford. I was finally drawing tier one; I finally knew the lay of the land on campus, and my days of confused shuffling in and out of freshman draw groups seemed but a distant memory. But in truth, every year at Stanford brings its own new situation that presses us to keep meeting new people and new challenges regardless of how settled we feel.