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The teachings of gossip

In the last few weeks, I’ve offered relationship advice to three of my friends (it has been a dramatic quarter, apparently), and each of those friends praised my ability to give insightful, thought-provoking relationship advice. It made me wonder exactly why I feel so fluent in the language of romantic love compared to other subjects…

Let’s get ‘Hannah-lytical’

In this week’s whimsical episode of “The Bachelorette,” Hannah brought the men into her world of pageantry with the “Mr. Right Pagent.” Within this evocative display of humanity, there was an unexpected reframe of the traditional swimwear portion: a substitution bikinis and one-pieces (and maybe tankinis) for speedos. The on-screen event preparation was quite extensive,…

Is modern romance dead or are my Tinder pictures just poorly angled?

Let’s say I am laying in my bed in unlaundered sweatpants as I watch “Titanic,” or “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” an updated version of the forbidden love story archetype. As I inattentively watch these idealized romances play out on my laptop, I rapidly drag my finger right on my phone screen, affirming my attraction to a promising mirror selfie of a decent-looking Stanford student without a creepy or arrogant bio. In this *hypothetical* scene, something feels a bit wrong about my desire for instant gratification and my yearning for a scenario similar to that of the people slowly falling in love on the dusty laptop screen in front of me.

‘The Bachelor,’ Week 6: Radical romance or contrived comedy?

Colton preps for his Youtube career as he shirtlessly vlogs on the beach in Vietnam. The ladies arrive, fresh-faced, to create every videographer’s dream moment: women screaming, “Good morning, Vietnam!” while gracefully crowding on a balcony. Colton and Hannah G. get sexy massages together, each wrapped in large leaves. Colton lovingly refers to the Insta…