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Hey, I got rolled out again

“Who gets rolled out week nine?” Apparently, I do. It wasn’t too long ago when I was reminiscing about rollout season, and it looks like I got my wish. This time, I got rolled out for Stanford University Dance Marathon (SUDM). As one of the outreach/registration executive members, I will once again be pushing people…

Why I miss rollout season

For the unsuspecting frosh, rollouts can definitely rank as one of the scarier, weirder and more cult-like experiences at Stanford. Often at early hours, the sound of hand after hand pounding on your door can seem like claps of thunder straight from hell. I remember during rollout season that the first rollout of the year…

Life after rollouts

I heard you didn’t get into that thing you wanted to get into. There, there — have a scented, multicolored luxury tissue. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. No need to hold back the tears, or bottle up those feelings of inadequacy that will more than likely haunt you for the rest of your life…

Why rollouts need to end on campus

If someone were to suggest breaking into houses early in the morning and wake up all the people who live there in order to welcome one of them to a group, we would call that a crime. But under the auspices of tradition, Stanford students do exactly this. Roll-outs are an unnecessary inconvenience on our campus, and we would build a safer, stronger community without them.