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Chores as an asset to life

I am looking forward to washing dishes this summer. Actually, I am looking forward to grocery shopping, keeping the living room presentable and even making sure the toilet paper doesn’t run out. Though I joke about being born in the wrong decade (the ’50s may have been better suited for my homemaking aspirations), I think…

The unbearable flakiness of being

In my experience, the longer one spends at Stanford, the flakier one gets. Maybe the correlation arises because we get busier, dealing with real-life concerns like too many darn internships to apply to and a p-set we should have started four days ago. Maybe we do it because, hey, this person flaked on me once, and morality is relative, so I can flake on them. So we can just shoot the subject of flakery a quick text (So sorry but…) and get back to the grind, supposedly.

A guide dog’s guide to happiness

As the hundreds of CS 106A students trudged into class on Friday, there seemed to only be one topic on everyone’s minds: the looming midterm. My guide dog and I found our seat at the front of the classroom and listened to the chatter about exam preparations. How should I start studying? How many hours…

The toxic nature of to-do lists

Recently, I had a sudden and semi-germophobic realization that I should probably clean my computer keyboard more often – maybe even as often as I wash my hands. As a prospective English major who’s also currently exploring classes in Computer Science, my hands are almost always typing away at my keyboard, either working on an…