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Editorial Board: A murky future for the Undergraduate Senate

This spring, The Daily interviewed and reviewed the platforms of 17 candidates running for the position of ASSU Undergraduate Senator. Of them, we ultimately decided to endorse six — roughly a third of our applicant pool. However, our vetting process revealed a concerning level of dissonance between many candidates’ perception of the Senate, as well as institutional processes, and the realities of how student government functions and interfaces with the University at-large. We suspect this dissonance is precisely what feeds into what is widely considered to be an inefficient and uninformed elected Senate.

On New Year’s resolutions

I’m not sure about everyone else, but I’m really struggling to wrap my head around it being 2019. Whether it is misdating my notes to be a year off or being surprised every time someone says the year aloud, 2019 just doesn’t seem to feel right quite yet. Having said this, I am trying to…

Spring quarter resolutions

One of the benefits of the quarter system is that we get a fresh start every 10 weeks. In the spirit of “New Quarter, New Me,” I like to take a few days before each new term begins to think about what I’d like to accomplish during the next go-round. Some of my goals derive…

I’m Done with My Life: It’s that time again

We’re back! Can you believe it? I can’t, mainly because I don’t want to. I won’t lie, it’s only been a few days and it feels…different. I’ve heard it can be hard adjusting to life back on campus after being away, like going home for the first time after leaving for college. Even though I’m here, I still don’t feel like I’m here. Maybe it’s because I’m starting school for the first time the second time this year, or maybe it is because it is, well, winter quarter.

Obsessive Kompulsion: Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

Yesterday was Thursday (Thursday); today, it is Friday (Friday); me, me, me so excited — me so excited, me gonna have a ball today. Please forgive me, but when else am I going to be able to use such horrible syntax and get away with alluding to Rebecca Black in a respectable publication? And besides, there are so many things to be excited about