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Trump is dead, long live Trump!

During the Republican debate on February 25, Marco Rubio finally found his groove. Rather than painfully repeating the same mechanical talking points, he forcefully interrupted and called out Donald Trump for repeating himself and not having substantial policy ideas on health care, to roaring applause from the audience. And millions at home (myself included) cheered…

Up like Trump: An analysis of the Donald

These days, everyone seems to have an opinion on Donald Trump. Elitist billionaire turned presidential candidate, Trump has seized the attention of the nation by becoming the front-runner of the Republican Party candidates. Despite never having held political office, Trump claims that he has the business experience and audacious attitude necessary to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT…

Republican Righteousness on Democratic Dictatorship

It’s 2016! This year we’ll elect the next president of the United States, and it may even be the first time many of Stanford’s current undergraduates vote for president. However, while the likes of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, John Ellis Bush, and the rest of the bunch compete for our attention, our current president is making all the headlines.

Rallying the nebulous, ever-changing “middle class”

The goals of the middle class are good goals for us all, and when we appeal to the middle class, we do not appeal to the people in that class so much as we appeal to the mores and the ideals that that the emergence of that class is supposed to embody. That is a thing to be cherished. Americans talk so much about the importance of the ideas that underpin our society; we should work to allow every American to channel these ideas, which are their natural inheritance.