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Don’t just share open letters online, write a closed one yourself

Personally, I love making and receiving special notes. After a long day, it felt nice to be excited about something and reminded me of my love for small surprises with personal touches. In fact, these tend to put me in awe even more than typical birthday presents and holiday cards. Their unexpectedness swings in their favor and the hustle and bustle of celebrations don’t get in the way of appreciating them.

To Stanford, with love

By definition, labels allow us to sort people, and can’t help but dictate our assumptions of how we should interact based on our similarities and differences. These labels impose arbitrary boundaries on a world of spectrums, and with them come a series of divisions between “us” and “them” that are almost impossible to dissolve.

Technological encroachment

Modern information technology has connected us, but also has opened our lives up in a way that makes us more vulnerable to coercion and more susceptible to the commercialization of our personal lives. However, the power that external agents (like Facebook, identity thieves, or the market) have over us is only the power that we give them.