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A call for environmental rights, not just advocacy

Coming to California has been a serious step up in environmental progressivism from Georgia. Being on a campus like Stanford’s has only increased this progressivism, and coming into this quarter I felt like a green machine in terms of environmental awareness. My PWR class this quarter, entitled “Who speaks for nature? Rhetorics of environmentalism and justice,” has been the metaphorical icing on the cake that has been my environmental evolution.

Functions of a library

When I was little, the library was one of my favorite places to go. I loved everything about it: its smell, the atmosphere, the ability to check out as many books as I wanted. I loved taking a stack of books to the checkout counter and sliding each book under the scanner, listening to the…

THINK and PWR: a review

At the end of this quarter, many other freshmen and I will have completed the first-year THINK and PWR requirements that constitute Stanford’s closest analogue to a core curriculum. Unlike the WAYS requirements, which can each be satisfied in thousands of ways, THINK and PWR are relatively streamlined, all following a set of predetermined learning…