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Hey Stanford, don’t let boredom win

For a research university of Stanford’s caliber, it’s easy to stock the faculty with award-winning researchers. It’s easy to demand that professors publish papers and get grant funding. It’s much harder to make student engagement with lectures a top priority, but this is what Stanford must do in order to become the world-class educational institution it is reputed to be.

Ambady succumbs to leukemia

Stanford psychology professor Nalini Ambady passed away on Monday, Oct. 28 after a prolonged battle with leukemia. Ambady was a renowned professor of social psychology and a leading expert on interpersonal communications. She became the first person of Indian origin to teach in Stanford’s psychology department when she joined the faculty in 2011. Ambady was…

The Mixed Messages of Modernism: Caused to act

Over the last two centuries, science has progressed to the point where, if something can’t be explained, we have faith that it is simply a matter of time until it is. Science has made us healthier and more secure. It has given us ground-shaking new media. We often forget that there was a time when the best possible means of understanding distant happenings was either an engraving or word of mouth. Now we can now transport actual sensory information across tremendous distances instantaneously. Science has made us, more than ever before, in control and in the know. It has been an empowering force; no longer do we need to cower in fear of inexplicable misfortunes.