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Freshly Baked: Jadedness

Until this year, Admit Weekends always unsettled me. Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted the ProFros (Prospective Frosh) to like their Admit Weekend as much as I had so that they would choose the best school in the country, but there was something that always got to me, just a little.

Obsessive Kompulsion: (Wel)COME TO STANFORD

On the surface, I’m writing this column to convince one of my best friends to pick Stanford over Yale and Harvard (how’s that for subtlety, Rachel?), but beyond that, this column is for every Stanford ProFro who is currently undecided about where to spend the next four years of his or her life. I can sympathize with the nervousness about having to choose by May 1. Fortunately for me, Stanford’s Admit Weekend 2010 ended on April 24 — a full week before the deadline. But fortunately for you, Class of 2015, I didn’t decide until April 30, either, so we’re essentially in the same boat.