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We’re back: Why Congress stood down over airstrikes against ISIS

After fits and starts of intermingled hope and despair, America is back in the Middle East. President Obama has made his case to America, the United Nations and the world that airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are both justified and necessary. For those who doubted Obama’s ability to make tough foreign policy decisions, there is now proof that Obama will act when he feels the situation makes action possible. And now, with the decision recorded and targets in sight, it is time for Obama to face the music.

The (police) dogs of war

Last week, President Obama announced the authorization of immediate, indefinite airstrikes against the Islamic State (of Iraq and the Levant, known varyingly as IS or ISIS/ISIL), bringing the U.S. military back into combat in Iraq for the first time since current seniors’ first quarter here at Stanford. Hoping to protect the nearly-independent Kurds as well…

Administrators await effects of Obama plans

The Offices of Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid are waiting to see what impact two national higher education initiatives, set forth by President Barack Obama in his Jan. 24 State of the Union address, will have on the University. University officials interviewed by The Daily, however, said they are confident Stanford is already meeting most, if not all, of the recommendations that the government may make.