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Letter to the Editor

Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR), part of the VPUE, applauds your interest in strengthening academic advising at Stanford. Responsible for virtually all undergraduate advising except that which takes place within the major, UAR is in the midst of a concerted effort to improve undergraduate advising by educating students about the values and benefits of the advising resources available to them. We do this within a national context — our peer institutions around the nation find that advising is the thing that students are least satisfied with, as the Provost recently stated to the Faculty Senate. We look forward to doing so with support of faculty, staff and students as well as the upcoming SUES recommendations and report. We also do so with the knowledge that in this, the third year in which all freshmen and sophomores have had an Academic Director, it is clear the program has been a success and made quite a difference in advising at Stanford.

University emphasizes pre-major advising

Before this year’s freshmen sign up for classes on Axess, they must first make sure they don’t have a hold on their account. Starting with the Class of 2014, undeclared students must meet at least once a quarter with their pre-major adviser. To ensure the plan’s adoption, students who neglect to meet with their advisers will face an enrollment hold that only their advisers can lift.