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The Asian scapegoat

On Feb. 11, a New York State Supreme Court in Brooklyn convicted an NYPD officer of manslaughter. While patrolling an apartment building in 2014, the officer accidentally discharged his gun in the hallway, and the bullet ricocheted off a wall and killed an unarmed African American man and father of two, Akai Gurley, age 28.…

Dear white people: Please call it like it is

It’s time to call all of these hate acts against people of color what they are: acts of terrorism. We must stop tiptoeing around this word, terrorism, which makes us uncomfortable, because the use of the word “terrorism” to describe the actions of part of the American population will make its perpetrators aware of our hypocrisy.

A break from social justice

Luckily, Stanford students, this summer will be a much-needed time to recharge for most people as we head home. Nowhere else is it so easy to hear people with the same ideas as us and regain our faith in the ability of people with privilege to generate fantastical alternatives for reality.

The R word

In order to move from these basic realities into more nuanced discussions on activism, resistance, survival, and healing, we must move past our fear of acknowledging racism. Only by confronting our own beliefs can we grow as individuals, as communities, and as a campus.