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The Tallest Man on Earth’s poetry

In a world of technologically advanced and digitally driven musical production and performance, it’s easy to view past artists as antiquated. For a lot of people, especially kids our age, it seems that any song without a catchy, synthesized drumbeat or a “sick drop” is destined to be skipped on the Spotify queue. It goes…

On the magic of poetry

April is National Poetry Month, meaning that there’s no better time to write this article than right now. Poetry is a unique form of expression that at times offers greater insight into how we interact with the world. Often enough, it reveals to us our own perspective and beliefs about the actions and events that…

VII Wonders: Gabriel Townsell on Rap, Wrestling and Life

Over the past few years, VII has built an impressive resume both at Stanford and his native Chicago — one that speaks to an artistic spirit and skill beyond his years, fueled by a dedication to his craft and a relentless pursuit of new creative avenues. You may have seen him performing at Blackfest in 2018, where he opened for 2 Chainz; he competed in the Stanford Concert Network’s Battle of the Bands in January of this year, and he was featured at Kairos’ Wine & Cheese night in November. Maybe you’ve heard the two mixtapes he dropped on Soundcloud this summer, in addition to Marketable Melancholy.

When poetry is a luxury

I like poetry. Maybe it’s because of the abundance of Dr. Seuss books that were placed on my shelf as a kid, or maybe because of the painfully awkward and yet somehow still magical reading of Romeo and Juliet put on by my seventh grade class. Maybe it’s because poetry is a concentrated and powerful way of using words to capture the fleeting moments of life (not to wax too poetic, of course).