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Ziperski: Mike Tomlin’s time is up

The Pittsburgh Steelers just wrapped up a 13-win season in which they won the AFC North and secured a first-round bye in the playoffs. Over the last four seasons, they’ve been a perennial contender, racking up 45 wins. In the last decade, they’ve won a Super Bowl and been the runner-up in another. Future Hall of Fame quarterback Ben Roethlisberger continues to play at a high level, and they’ve drafted incredibly well: the successes of Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell, two of the most dominant position players in the league, are a testament to that fact.

A Super Bowl that isn’t about the game, for once

Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us. Few events—in sports, in pop culture and in life—resonate with the nation enough to have a day set aside for as many people as Super Bowl Sunday. Hardcore football fans, casual sports fans, Black Eyed Peas fans, fans of commercials and anyone connected to any of those groups all come together for one Sunday of football.

And for once, I honestly don’t care who wins. At all.