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Shi: Oregon, Stanford and ‘The Fear’

Repeat after me: Oregon is not toast. That’s right. Oregon is not toast. Yes, Oregon is 6-3, and even if the Ducks win out, a three-loss season would be their worst regular season performance since Chip Kelly took over. Yes, they lost 62-20 to Utah in Autzen Stadium. Yes, I laughed my guts out watching…

Beyda: Separation of Sport and State

Take it from a Barry Bonds fan: It’s just not fun when the federal government gets involved in sports. Congress’ sojourn into the sports pages this week was unintentional — heck, it got there by trying to do nothing — but the consequences were nearly disastrous. Here’s the skinny: When the federal government stopped working…

Ducks veer south with senseless violations

Over the last two years, NCAA violations have given me a whole lot to write about: how Stanford’s academics-first approach casts doubt on pay-for-play systems for collegiate athletes, how sanctions like those at Ohio State often harm fan bases and entire institutions instead of the perpetrators within the violating athletic department and how USC’s postseason ban made a mockery of the inaugural Pac-12 Title Game.