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Grounds management uses infinity stones to wipe out half of the caterpillar population

Students on east campus received an email from Residential & Dining Enterprises (RD&E) late last week notifying them about “routine pest control.” In order to mitigate the rampant population of western tussock moth caterpillars on campus, grounds management utilized the six infinity stones. In a dramatic display, Grounds Manager Joshua Thanos put on the gauntlet,…

De-bugging trees

Julie Day, a horticulturalist for Stanford University, was walking along a road on campus with her lunch in hand when she noticed that something was not quite right about the foliage.

“I was walking past a group of trees, and I went, ‘Oh my god,’” Day said. “I ran to the office, grabbed the camera, took photographs, sent emails and made phone calls. It was high alert.”