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Ryan’s Ripon revival

As the summer draws nearer and nearer, it seems increasingly likely that the Republican Party will lose the 2016 presidential election. There are three ways they can lose. They can lose with a racist demagogue at the helm. They can lose with a self-interested, loathed-by-all, ideological extremist. They can even lose with a hand-picked, more…

Waiting on the sidelines

This primary season will be one for the history books. The House of Bush has fallen to a bombastic TV-star businessman with no political experience. A neurosurgeon — who makes watching paint dry seem interesting — has surpassed well-known governors in the polls. And a little-known senator from Vermont has proven to be a formidable opponent to…

Paul Ryan: New Speaker, same House

Boehner’s resignation is extremely abnormal. For starters, this is the first time since 1910 that a House Speaker is being forced out by members of his own party. And speaking of his own party – Boehner is being forced out by the conservative wing of the GOP, which is strange because before Boehner assumed the Speakership (and the first cohort of Tea Partiers were sworn in) in 2010, he was the eighth most conservative member in the House among a total of around 200 Republican congressmen.