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Golub: Musings on hush money

The NFL made two big splashes in the news in the past week. The first: settling with Colin Kaepernick over his collusion case. Kaepernick, after a career-derailing struggle, triumphed victoriously over the corporate monolith. Or, alternatively, Kap capitulated and let the rich owners buy him out. One such owner made the second splash: Pats owner…

The Daily’s top 10 Super Bowl commercials

This year, the Super Bowl SUCKED. Not only did the Patriots win (and when the Patriots win, America loses), but a lot of the ads were incredibly mediocre. I grew up a football a fan, so the big game has always been meaningful to me in and of itself, but this year I felt particularly indifferent about the teams, so I decided to do what most non-football fans do when they feel pressured to watch the game: watch the game for the commercials.

Naidu: It’s not just business

Last week, shortly following Super Bowl LII, New England Patriots’ long-tenured offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels officially agreed to become the next head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts’ official Twitter account tweeted the news, formally announcing the hiring of one of the brightest offensive minds in the game today. The news came as a…

Radoff: Will the Patriots survive?

As Tom Brady’s career comes to a close, he faces a referendum of sorts. The talk around football is that his legacy has been forever soiled by a damning report that states that he was directly responsible for the illegally low pressure of the footballs used over the course of the playoffs en route to…