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Discussion section hacks

Every once in a while, students may budget their time incorrectly and find themselves scrambling to complete a hefty reading assignment before class. In the event that frantically skimming 200 pages the night before a 9 a.m. does not properly equip you for class, you need to have a backup plan to fulfill that pesky…

Examining money and diversity in paid studies on campus

Fliers recruiting participants for research studies conducted by the Graduate School of Business’ (GSB) Behavioral Lab, the Psychology Department, the Laboratory for Social Research and more can be found all around campus. Students participate in this research for a variety of reasons, but monetary reasons dominate the academic ones, raising concerns amongst researchers about maintaining representative and diverse samples.

Smiling, nodding, engaging

Sometimes it would be great if we could all just shut up and listen in class. Hopefully I have your attention now, so I’m going to add some addenda to that click-baity opening line. Now, I don’t mean that we should worsen the already excruciating silence that sometimes follows an amazing lecture or guest speaker…

To be an introvert

I watched my professor’s hand grip the thin Sharpie and produce tally after tally, a simple black stroke next to the names of my fellow classmates. In the Socratic-style seminar, the spoken topic bounced from mouth to mouth, morphing from twentieth-century Palestinian maps to medieval French cartography. Each new insight brought a wielding of pen…