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Board of Trustees decides not to divest from companies in Israel

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, the Stanford Board of Trustees announced that the University would not divest from certain companies operating in Israel. The statement responds to a request from Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a student group that hoped Stanford would divest from a list of companies that it claimed profited from human rights abuses in Palestine.

An ineffective push for statehood: why the International Criminal Court wasn’t Palestinians’ best choice

The fact that Palestine is choosing to use this avenue as a means to gain legitimacy toward statehood reinforces the structure of the court and the power differentials it supports. By choosing this particular way to show a serious effort toward statehood, the Palestinians who have joined are working toward becoming a legitimate state in this framework that privileges ideas and power of the global north over the rest of the world.

Faculty members send letter to APIRL opposing divestment

A combined 135 Stanford faculty members have submitted two different statements to the Advisory Panel on Investment Responsibility and Leasing (APIRL) opposing the recent call for Stanford to divest from certain companies identified as complicit in human rights violations in Israel and Palestine. The longer statement of the two, circulated by Avner Greif, Lawrence Marshall, Steve…

Stanford falls for BDS

With this one-sided condemnation, the Senate has legitimized Hamas and its attacks on civilians while cynically rejecting any real self-defense by Israel, all in your name. The ASSU election is coming. If some of these Senators don’t represent you, vote for a better slate.