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Philip Glass’ defamiliarizing lens

How are we to make sense of composer Philip Glass’s musical minimalism? At his most accessible, his works have found their way into movies like “The Truman Show” and “The Hours.” Yet his more conceptually daring  compositions can still appear alienating and intimidating to most audiences. So how should we get to know Glass’s work? Through poetry,…

Marie-Louise Catsalis mounts a hilariously overblown production of ‘Die Fledermaus’

Exaggerated to the point of hilarity, “Die Fledermaus in Miniature” takes a multilinguistic spin on the comedic operetta. Sponsored by Stanford Live and the Stanford Music Department, “Fledermaus” takes the stage of Dinkelspiel this weekend to provide mirth over an action-packed 70 minutes. Under the unapologetic direction of Marie-Louise Catsalis, the cast, crew and orchestra of “Die Fledermaus” present its audience with a comically overblown rendition of the Straussian classic.