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‘Rethinking National Security’ report asks U.S. citizens to consider global security

Martin Hellman, electrical engineering professor and adjunct senior fellow for nuclear risk analysis with the Federation of American Scientists, released a report this week in collaboration with the federation calling on U.S. citizens and policymakers to take a wider view of global issues. Hellman argues that, in an era of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism and climate change, American national interests are closely connected to “global security.”

The DPRK threat

Since 1936, “May you always live in interesting times” has been cited by British statesmen as a Chinese malediction, and even though the validity of the origin story is debatable, the maxim is particularly relevant for the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (DPRK) in 2016. About a week ago, China announced strengthened sanctions against…

Bibi and the scarlet letter

While Netanyahu’s tenuous political standing and upcoming elections are likely the catalysts for his divisive address to Congress in defiance of Obama, blaming the pain away will not resolve our allies’ qualms. In fact, it is not unlikely that Netanyahu will win the Israeli elections and retain his leadership position in the Israeli government.

Seeing Green: Good Nuke, Bad Nuke

If you’ve ever seen “sunburns” on the skin of a cancer patient after radiation therapy, you’ve seen the hazards of radioactivity. If you’ve seen a picture of a mushroom cloud, you’ve seen the dangers of nuclear weapons. And if you’ve watched the news from Japan over the last few weeks, you know how fragile human control of nuclear power can be.