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Q&A with Linda Darling-Hammond, founder of the Learning Policy Institute

Earlier this month, Linda Darling-Hammond, emeritus professor of education, announced the founding of the Learning Policy Institute, a new education think-tank that strives to facilitate education reforms needed in the 21st century. Darling-Hammond is a veteran educator, having served as school teacher, professor, director of President Obama’s education policy transition team, and now, CEO of the think tank. Darling-Hammond elaborated on her ideas to cope with some of the most pressing issues in the field of education.

A clarification of Common Core misconceptions

In recent years, polemical critics on both sides have obscured the legitimate issues surrounding the Common Core. Rather than promote rational dialogue, they have caricaturized the issue, depicting the standards as confusing, developmentally inappropriate, and tyrannical on one hand and as near-flawless, research-based brilliance on the other.

Ravitch critiques education reform

Diane Ravitch, the former assistant U.S. Secretary of Education and onetime supporter of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), spoke candidly on Wednesday about her change of heart concerning the education policy of former President George W. Bush and charter schools in a question-and-answer session with Linda Darling-Hammond, a professor in Stanford’s School of Education.