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SCR, Ben Shapiro and other intellectual frauds are unworthy of our attention

What I’m saying is this: perhaps those who are critical of the Stanford College Republicans and the Ben Shapiro’s of the world can try a new strategy this time around (considering we’ll certainly, unfortunately have more opportunities to test out strategies). No, don’t ignore them or implicitly accept that this is just the way things are, but don’t gift that righteous energy to the likes of Ben Shapiro who does not meet the standards of intellectual rigor at a place like Stanford—even with his Harvard law degree—or our moral standards as a community.

Statement on the Hoover Institution

There is no doubt that the Hoover Institution has many resources that can be of great benefit to the University. But there is an issue that needs to be addressed if the Hoover intends to continue its interactions with the academic mission of the University. The issue here is not a matter of accommodating a different point of view — it is a matter of the mission of the Hoover potentially conflicting with the mission of Stanford University, or indeed any university.