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Give the NHL a try

What has two legs and skates faster than your average late-night Caltrain? Not an NFL player. What has 32 teeth and isn’t afraid to lose a few of them? Not an NBA pro. What runs at above 100 beats per minute for the most intense two-and-a-half hours in professional sports? Most definitely not an MLB…

Beyda: Too many rules cause violence in the NHL to be overlooked

Eleven players were ejected over the course of first week of the NHL postseason—to six during the entire playoffs a year ago—and several have been suspended by league disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan in an attempt to keep hockey from fully turning into “Fight Club on Ice.” But the Stanley Cup Playoffs have resembled just that in the early going, and a sport that has been deeply questioning the role of fighting ever since the death of former enforcer Derek Boogaard at the age of 28 last summer now finds itself mired in one of the roughest postseasons in recent memory.