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Beyda: No Sharks magic without Marleau

It’s not easy to say goodbye — especially not to an NHL season. That’s what I was forced to do two weeks ago when my beloved San Jose Sharks choked so historically that even I was left without excuses. But now the Sharks’ ownership is applying the proverbial Heimlich as it gears up for the future, and I’m discovering that saying goodbye to an NHL player or two may be even harder.

Beyda: Outdoor NHL game in LA just a novelty

Saturday’s 6:30 p.m. tilt on NBC Sports Network, part of the NHL’s Stadium Series, will be the first outdoor game in league history played west of Calgary. Unless, like the Daily’s resident Canada expert Ed Ngai, you know where that is, just consider the frigid locations of the league’s previous outdoor showcases: Edmonton, Buffalo, Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Philadelphia and Ann Arbor. Those cities’ average winter low in 2013 was two below zero; LA has been in the 80s for much of this month.

Shi: Patience makes perfect

It will takes time to build something that will last. The U.S. soccer team’s win over a German B team last Sunday wasn’t enough to make up for it’s loss to Belgium four days earlier, and the national team continues to tread water. While fans demand short-term success, it is a long-term vision that is really needed.

If he is introducing innovations to the American game that will resonate throughout the entire youth system, we probably won’t be able to tell the difference for at least a decade, probably more.

Beyda: Do hockey players share our Canada complex?

There are a few differences between Daily editor-in-chief-to-be Ed Ngai and I that you should know about. I’m a Sharks fan; he’s a Canucks fan. My team just swept his in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I can’t help but write about the NHL right now, but he’s so sick of hockey that he probably won’t even read this column, despite my effort to include (poke fun at?) him in this paragraph.