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The ‘Fuller House’ dilemma: Netflix positions reboot for failure

So commonplace are reboots and spin-offs that these days, complaining about their market dominance has evolved into a cliché. Nonetheless, those who warn against the revisiting of established properties make a relatively convincing case: When it comes to said revivals, the question is always whether or not it’s possible, and never whether or not doing so is actually…

Ranking film and television streaming services

In a matter of decades, we’ve gone from vast movie palaces, towering screens and drive-in movie theaters to minute electronic displays — those belonging to the cellphones, tablets and laptops, which stream the latest in cinema and television with a few quick keystrokes. And what’s the small screen without a streaming service to match? We selected and evaluated eight online…

The future of meritocracy

It is a basic tenet of the American Dream that if you work hard, you will be rewarded. Today, that is no longer true. As technology continues to widen the gap between the winners and losers of the economic rat race, we need to figure out how to incentivize people to try in spite of increasingly low odds of success.

Top 5 Netflix films or TV series to watch instead of television pilots

Although autumn is rife with new series on television, not everything is guaranteed to be great. Television pilots can’t accurately determine the quality of a show, but these four series currently airing on television (the exception being “Manhattan Love Story,” which was recently cancelled) have continued to disappoint. Here are our suggestions of what you…