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‘Age of Resistance’ relights ‘The Dark Crystal’

“The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” turns down the darkness while elevating the artistry: it is a work of incredible beauty, far beyond the boundaries of the original film, “The Lord of the Rings” to Henson’s “Hobbit” It’s Netflix’s most ambitious, and arguably most successful, project to date, ten hours of limitless wonder in one of the most well-developed worlds since “Star Wars.”

‘A Tale of Two Kitchens’ celebrates welcoming kitchen culture built upon dedication of migrant workers

“A Tale of Two Kitchens,” a documentary released on Netflix on May 22, tells the story of two restaurants owned by Mexican restaurateur Gabriela Camara. Directed by Trisha Ziff, the short film explores the dynamics of working in the culinary industry and the spirit that fuels Camara’s restaurants. The interior of Contramar, which opened in…