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On the importance of birthdays

Birthdays. Cake. Pizza. Ice cream. Glitter. Balloons. Just the very word conjures images of hyper, sugar-drunk children, exhausted parents and the ever-present, enduring idea of hired Disney princesses, who may or may not stage potentially traumatic crises in the middle of a darling child’s beautiful, optimistically perfect day. But accusations and dodgy music videos aside,…

When home is no longer home

Halfway into my first quarter at Stanford, I finally called my mother. Hearing my mother’s voice on the phone, I recalled a memory of home and fractured something within myself. Time, I’ve learned, seems to work differently here, where daily life takes on a dizzying pace. At Stanford, it’s so easy to forget the world…

Are we adults yet?

The end of winter quarter inevitably brings the stress and pressure of final exams. It is during these last few weeks that students are at their most childlike, pulling all-nighters, downing coffee like it’s going out of style and just generally making decisions that would raise the eyebrows of even the most liberal parents. It…

SWL: Favorite Flicks

It’s a Thursday night, and you have three hours to kill. First, that’s a miracle. Really, you should check that out. Second, you find yourself on Netflix craving something a little more substantial than “No Strings Attached.” The “critically-acclaimed foreign drama” box is staring into your soul, saying, “If you don’t watch one of my subtitled guerrilla documentaries, you’re pretty much admitting you don’t have an attention span.” One more episode of “Modern Family” and you definitely don’t…that’s it…don’t you go to Hulu…aw, shoot.