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Venkataraman: One-and-done rule should be eliminated

Last night was one for the ages in men’s college basketball. No. 1 Kentucky squared off against No. 2 Michigan State, the earliest one-versus-two pairing in the history of college basketball, while fourth-ranked Duke played fifth-ranked Kansas. Fans like me salivated over the matchup that served as the big-stage unveiling of the much-hyped Jabari Parker. My ears are still ringing with the melodious sound of Dick Vitale’s raspy voice. For many, this would have been a fine showcase of the game of men’s college basketball being played at its highest level.

Fisher: Spring Quarter Blues

It might sound crazy, but maybe Stanford, at least after freshman year, is a little too hard, a little too much work. Because if I, the kid who chose to drive 300 miles a day to watch baseball, can’t find the time to go to baseball games that are a three-minute bike ride away, there’s something wrong.

Baseball’s Mark Appel returns for redemption

For the past two seasons, every time senior Mark Appel stepped out onto the mound on a Friday night and looked towards home plate, he saw dozens of scouts with radar guns pointed right at him. Appel was such a can’t-miss prospect that not a soul expected to see him back at Stanford for his senior year. But when Appel fell to the eighth overall pick of the Pittsburgh Pirates in Major League Baseball’s Draft this past June, everything changed.