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The Rutgers controversy in retrospect: Gates, Bloomberg and Petraeus

“You and your fellow students…are therefore to be congratulated for your involvement in the excellent work of bringing back the Middle Ages,” Yale professor Stephen Carter ‘76 wrote last Thursday. In his acidly penned “Dear Class of 2014: Thanks for Not Disinviting Me,” Carter responded to controversies at Rutgers University and Smith College over the selections of Condoleezza Rice and Christine Lagarde as their commencement speakers. (Ditto for Haverford College and Robert Birgenau.) A former managing editor of The Stanford Daily, one imagines that Carter would be amused to see that this piece has relevance to Stanford as well.

Unterreiner: On freedom and fizzy things

The New York City Board of Health will vote September 13 on whether to implement Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on sugary soda in containers larger than 16 ounces. Rather than having a pragmatic, detail-oriented, empirically-based discussion about the merits of Bloomberg’s proposal, however, New Yorkers have, in true American style, elevated the debate into nothing less than a blood-and-tears struggle for freedom against the oppressive forces of tyrannical statism.