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Library use steady in uncertain times

A 2008 article in the Times Higher Education supplement stated, “School libraries are suffering, and even closing, as resources are cut, staff ‘redeployed’ and the Internet deemed more important to learning than printed matter.” Such a trend, however, has not materialized at Stanford, according to Andrew Herkovic, director of communications and development for the Stanford Libraries.

Study spot scoop

Come exam time, the second floor cubbies in Green Library and the booths of Meyer are overflowing, and a bit more creativity than usual is required when choosing a place to hunker down and hammer out looming assignments. Asking a Stanford student about his or her favorite study spot can be like asking a magician to reveal his secrets, but some were willing to divulge their cherished study spaces for the greater good.

Editorial: Faulty priorities

Decisions to demolish, retrofit or construct buildings should never be made lightly. Nevertheless, the long delays that have accompanied debate over the futures of Meyer Library and Searsville Dam have put safety and property in jeopardy. Though less glamorous than a new concert hall, eliminating the aforementioned threats must be done in a timely fashion. Stanford has been on the cutting edge of both earthquake science and earthquake preparedness for decades. Let’s keep it that way.