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39 spicy titles for my memoir or yours

Constructing the memoir of your life can be a truly grueling process. The most crucial element to consider, of course, is the enticing title. The stakes are incredibly high  — with the wrong label, your entire life could be inaccurately represented. For widespread applicability, I have laid out options for some niche lifestyles. For the…

Why read memoir?

You probably didn’t read many memoirs in English class in high school. If you’re still taking English at Stanford, you probably haven’t read many memoirs here, either (ExploreCourses confirms that some ethnic studies and English classes do include memoirs in their syllabi, but they hardly represent the mainstream English curriculum). Historically, memoir was considered a…

Q&A with Glenn Loury, CASBS fellow

Glenn Loury, Merton Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences and professor of economics at Brown University, is at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) as a 2015-2016 fellow. As part of the CASBS symposium series, he is giving a talk titled “Racial Inequality in 21st Century America: Where Do We Go from Here?” The Daily sat down with Loury to discuss his perspectives on racial inequality in the United States, the memoir he is writing and his time at Stanford.